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Epok is a Top Down Endless Action Game with lots of explosions, drama, blood and aliens! You are stranded on the planet of Epok where the savage aliens reside and devour whosoever who does not belong to their world. Your supreme goal is to survive as long as you can using the otherworldly abilities that you posses as an explorer of one of the strongest races in the Universe - Create Black Holes or use Anti Gravity to push these disgusting creatures away! Run like Flash or Shoot them with your FireBalls! The more you kill the more you score. 


  • 8 Different Enemy Races
    • Korro- Super Fast, Weak, Jumps on Player
    • Mother - Keeps Giving Birth to Korro until it dies.
    • Sniper - Shoots you from a distance
    • Robot - Slow, huge damage, shield when hit becoming Invulnerable
    • Rock - Huge Damage
    • Terrorist - Runs up to the Player and explodes.
    • Cannibal Plant - This planet afflicts huge damage and eats up anything close to it.
  • Unique Abilities to Choose from
    • Almighty Push - Push away and destroy enemies! You have the power of Universe
    • Black Hole - Create Black Holes and suck all the enemies into it
    • Energy Ball - Shoot Energy Balls in Different Directions
    • Flash Speed - Run on super sonic speed!
    • Hook - Pull enemies closer to you or be like spiderman
    • FireBall - The fastest attack in the Universe
    • Jump - Jump on High Terrain to escape from strong enemies
  • 3 Different Worlds
  • Top Notch Pixel Art Graphics
  • Amazing Shake effects 
  • Destruction to it's core!
  • Alien World


Left Ctrl - Fireball
Left Shift - Jump
Left Alt - Flash Speed
Z - Almighty Push
X - Energy Ball
C - Black Hole
V - Hook

Dev Blog - Journey of Epok
Press Kit


  • Nguyen Vai


  • Aastikya Tiwari aka A2j2tiwari

Music & Sounds

  • Ultimate Game Music Collection - John Leonard French
  • Freesound.org


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